Free online coumadin & warfarin dosing system which manages calculates & emails dosing requirements & an analysis of oral coagulated patients.

Warfarin Self Management & Dosing

Doctors and health professionals used to be reluctant to put direct patient care in the hands of the patient because it was often felt that patients would not be able to cope with the responsibility, however with the development of portable INR testing machines, which are similar to the vastly used diabetic monitoring machines, it is now wildly accepted by all of the official hematology bodies & their published guides, that in fact by allowing patients direct control over their warfarin therapy, that a more stable therapeutic range is often achieved.

Warfarin is an wildly prescribed anticoagulant & is used in many situations, including atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, including patients who suffer from anti phospholipid syndrome & patients who have mechanical heart valves. In the majority of cases warfarin therapy is for life. The major risk or side-effect of warfarin is bleeding, which can be life-threatening and so in order to check that the blood is not to thin, the “thickness” of the blood is checked regularly by the INR blood test, and the warfarin dose is adjusted accordingly.

With the introduction of portable INR testing machines & devices the management of patients on warfarin now recognises & allows self-testing at home. Patients who self-test can either call a clinic to be told the appropriate dose adjustment, or now with the aid of this website adjust their own medication according to a pre-determined dosage schedule.

Through this website & the mobile version of this website we have produced 454332 warfarin dosings in 4 countries to date & you can also have a secure, professional, confidential way to calculate & record your warfarin therapy & dosing, allowing you to attain a more stable & therapeutic target range. This website allows more importantly a clinical governance by & being not only a stable method of calculation & dosage alteration, but the warfarin dosing system will produce of your dosing analysis & email you the results along with a copy of the results & the dosing analysis to both your doctor & your warfarin clinic or consultant.

If you would like to have a test drive of the system prior to registering, please click on the link at the top of the page or the link below. On the demonstration platform,whilst the dosing system if functional & the layout remains the same some of the other links to other pages have been disabled. This demonstration platform has been & is designed for you to have a test of the dosing system on a demonstration platform prior to using the live platform. The is a restrictions in place on the demonstration platform associated with the emailing of any dosing results as the dosing instructions can only be emailed to one email address which is your registered email address, this restriction is to stop test dosing analysis's being sent to any of your medical team.

Our New Forum

Our new forum has now launched, we see the forum as a place to bring both patients & their medical teams together throughout the world allowing them to be able to share their experiences & stories, in what we hope will become one of the leading speciality medical forums. Please feel free to just visit the forum or sign up & post your question & advice for other users.

Our Mission

To break down the barriers that remain with the delivery of a free accurate & flexible dosing system allowing flexibility through the independence & freedom that self-testing & self management allows.
Allowing patients to gain freedom & the ability to have direct control of their own therapy, whilst effectively reducing adverse thrombotic events & increasing the time spent within therapeutic range.